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Cardcaptor Sakura

artemiscangee in wi_lolitas

Anime Central?

Hello I was just wondering if anyone was going to ACen there is a lolita fashion show on Saturday and a swap meet-up on sunday at around Noon at the east outdoor wall. there is also going to be a calling card game that finishes at the swap meet-up on Sunday :) All information can be found here http://community.livejournal.com/acen_gosurori/ Hope to see you all there!


When's the fashion show on Saturday? It doesn't conflict with the Masquerade, does it?
Nope! It's in the main ballroom right before the Masquerade :) Hopefully they will have a schedule of panels and such up soon, they are really slow about releasing that sort of stuff this year :\
Yes, they are! >:[ I am not pleased that it's taking them ages to get the guest list up. Ridiculous.

Do you know if they make people who sit through the fashion show clear out (and re-line up) before the Masquerade, then? I wanna see both, but it would be hella unfair if they didn't, especially with their new "30 minute" line rule.
I know apparently they approved panels really late too :\ I know a few of my friends were complaining about that

I'm not exactly sure since I was in the fashion show last year but I THINK they will clear people out since they have to do set-up for the masque :)
I shall be going! :D
Yay! Coming to the Swap Meet as well? :D
Darn tootin I am! And im participating in the calling card game! Oh...note to self...finish cards. XD

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