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ladysiha in wi_lolitas

Hello! ^0^

Name: Meagan
Age: 25
Hometown: Johnsburg, WI
Current location: Appleton, WI (possibly moving to Neenah, soon)
Style of Lolita: I love classic, sweet and country, but wear LOTS of casual
Favorite brand(s): Angelic Pretty & Innocent world (but I also love F+F and Bodyline, since they're more affordable)
How long have you been a lolita?: I've been aware of and intrigued by for, about, 8 years.  I've actually participated for, about 2 (and most actively since July '10)
What else are you interested in?: Video Games (Bioware games are my favorites!), bento, cooking, baking, crafts (kanzashi, jewelry making, paper craft), sewing (by hand, very relaxing), comics, manga, reading, role-playing, board games, Geisha, drawing, gardening, thrifting, biology, medical stuff
Job: Clerk at the local comic book store (where I can dress up at work!!)
Post a picture! (optional):

Anything else you want us to know?:
I'm married and live with my husband, 2 cats (Figi and Jiji) and our fish (Garrus, Saren, Nihlus, Minnie, Mickey, Daisy & Pepper - yes, I name my fish  XD).  I'm fortunate enough to have a husband that's interested in EGA, though we haven't dressed up together yet.


Welcome! YAY another northeastern WI loli. :D I am from Green Bay myself.
Sweet! I always wonder why there are so few of us up here.
That is a good question! But we are here! :) lokii23 and I were at Kitsune Kon yesterday in Appleton and i did not see any other lolis there. :'(
I already told Loki23 that I was working that Saturday to cover for a co-worker that was going. Husband and I are going to ACen with some friends, but I don't know if I'll be attending in Lolita - I have some good cosplays planned.
Oh that sucks. Booo. I am going to acen too. probably cosplaying as well as lolite. :)

I am envious of your domestic skills, including the making of kanzashi.
ZOMFG! Thank you for the picture!!

I just think domestic stuff is fun. Also, kanzashi making isn't too tough, it just requires a lot of patience. There are some really good how-to videos on YouTube, too!
aw! ur coord is really cute! <3
Thank you! It was to go to a cupcake themed 1st birthday party.
Welcome! One day I want to learn how to cook for bento :) I even have myself a cute panda bento box!
If you're interested, I really reccomend starting out at lunchinabox.net!
Wow that site is awesome! Too bad I'm a really bad cook as of right now, she seems to use a lot of leftover stuff too...I guess that's going to be my new goal this summer- actually learn how to cook!

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