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lokii23 in wi_lolitas

Kitsune Kon this weekend!!! Meetup?

Hello everyone!

This weekend 25th-27th is Kitsune Kon in Appleton! I am planning on going all three days and was wondering if anyone else was planning on going or if people would like to meetup there for some pictures and chit chat? If anyone has any other ideas of what we could do at the meetup that would be good, but just getting together and hanging out at the con will be fine too!^o^!

I live in Kaukauna, so if you need a ride and live near there I could possibly pick you up!:D No need to worry about gas either, I'll just be happy to have more people to go with!

Prices are:
$30 For a Weekend Pass
$10 For Friday
$15 For Saturday
$10 For Sunday

Raddison Paper Valley Hotel
Appleton, WI

More details here:

Respond to this if you are interested! I really hope I can meet at least a few local Wisconsin lolitas there!


poo. i was going to go...but now i can't because of money issues. I am le sad.
Awwwwe that is too bad! Maybe next time ^o^! We could always have a meetup sometime too! I'll keep in touch!
Yeah. :/ We are going to Anime Central this year in Chicago but that is not until May. I wanted to go to Kitsune to get a convention fix. :D If things change and we do go we will just be going for Saturday, I doubt it right now though.
Yeah let me know if things change. I'm planning on going to Acen this year too! I went last year and it was pretty fun! They have a lolita fashion show, which I plan on being in! What about you? I also think they usually have some sort of lolita meetup during the convention which would be fun! I didn't know about the meetup last year so I didn't go haha! This year I will though ^o^! We will definitely be able to meet there!
We couldn't go last year because we were moving. And I HATED it! So definitely this year. I am putting together an outfit for Acen. I have not ever gone to the fashion show but I am pretty sure they have had it a couple of years now. And they do normally do meet ups! once it closer if you watch the regular EGL community somebody will post about putting one together. I plan to go to the meet! If I have to kick and scream to make sure I will! :D
Hahaha! Good! I'll definitely keep an eye out on EGL and make sure I don't miss out on it. It will be cool to be in the fashion show with you and see you at the meetup! I really wanted to be in the fashion show last year, but I didn't have much of a wardrobe or many accessories. This year is different though hehehe! I look forward to it and meeting you ^o^!
I usually don't do the fashion show, my wardrobe is still pretty sparse sadly. :'( But I really want to try and see it this year. And definitely make it to any meet ups that might get planned. :) If you're ever in the Green Bay area before that let me know!

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